so im wrapping up my first semester of sophmore year. i am currently animating to dialogue in my traditional animation class. i am creating a title sequence for monsters inc. and i am rigging and animating a character in Maya. i have also taken on a short animation for my free time. i plan on working on this project during my break. it has been fun but i have been taking alot of time on my studies and having many long nights in the lab. i enjoy working but i believe my lack of sleep has definetley been playing a role in the quality of work i am producing. i have found myself alot more tired and less driven to create extrodinary work. this is my belief others may disagree. i am posting a old animation i forgot to post as well as some maya animation.

Title Sequence

many people ignore the title sequence involved in films. I have found them appealing and in many cases inspiring.For my Next Project i will create a title sequence for the animated feature by pixar animation studios MONSTER INC. I have already created storyboards for my ideas and created a rough animatic for my animation.I am not just recreating the title sequence but just taking inspiration and appropriating for my education. I am going to really enjoy this project and know the results will be great. i have started my assests and chose to create my images in illustrator. i will spend a few weeks on this project and the results will be posted soon. i plan on posting the rough animatic, and a few of my assets soon.