Character animation

Fx Tv network project. im currently working on a character based project for Broadcast on my own time

Chocolate skateboarding

Chocolate Skateboarding from Jacob Valentin on Vimeo.

Twitter end tag

twitter from Jacob Valentin on Vimeo.

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf from Jacob Valentin on Vimeo.

Spring Break

Working on new work during this spring break with Jason Keam Live action
Also collaberating with Sam Kim on a side project. This break calls for lots of productivity


i have not updated the blog in a while. here are some boards created in a production team i was a part of. it is a project a few or my colleages and i are working on
composite of boards by IP

i am currently working on a ford 2010 ad boards and design

ovation arts tv network end tag and my reel. ill post the reel on soon